Tuesday, 16 November 2010

America’s Most Expensive Ferry Boat

The MV Chetzemoka, the new boat for the Port Townsend-Keystone run in Washington, will not only be the state’s first new ferry boat in a decade, but will also be the most expensive ferry built in the US.
With its 64 car capacity, this boat is small compared to the Steel Electric ferries used on the run until 2007, when the Secretary of Transportation removed them from service due to safety concerns. The new boat was built by Todd Pacific Shipyards based on designs for the Island Home ferry, which were purchased by the Washington State Ferries system for $1.3 million.
The total cost to build the ferry ended up being just over $80 million—more than the cost to build the three larger boats previously used on the run, each capable of carrying 202 cars. The excessive price is likely due to the fact that only in-state shipyards could legally be contracted to construct the boat.
The MV Chetzemoka will make its first run on Sunday, November 13, 2010.


  1. lol what a waste of taxes from the us people!

  2. Dude. Mind if I borrow a few thing in my E-Zine column "Expensive $hit" I like your style.

  3. if i had money i'd buy myself one too and then let it taxi people for free

  4. Why would ferries be considered unsafe....?

  5. Wow. I wish I was building boats in Washington. Sounds like a cheap way to get rich. Just jack the price up hella high and still get paid!
    Then I'd go party on the town on my new boat.

    Sad thing is, I would drown of pussy once I docked.

  6. man... the crisis is just for some...